Environmental Measurement/Analysis

Introducing Our Environmental Technology Center

Located in Yokosuka City in the middle of the Miura Peninsula, our Environmental Technology Center promotes research and development on environmental/water treatment technologies, drawing on vast knowledge and expertise accumulated over many years.
The Center also undertakes various plant/performance tests and environmental measurements/analyses.


We use advanced technologies to analyze aspects of water, air, and soil in accordance with applicable laws, as well as to measure noise/vibration, exhaust gas, and conditions in working environments. We then promptly provide the reliable environmental data our customers need with the goal of achieving harmony with the natural environment in every possible way.

Analysis (Measurement Certification Business Registration, Odor Measurement Certification Business Registration)

We promptly provide reliable data collected using advanced technologies.

Working Environment Measurement (Working Environment Measurement Agency Business Registration)

Our experienced working environment measurement experts give pass/fail results and provide advice.

Soil/Groundwater Contamination Investigation (Designated Soil Contamination Investigation Organization)

Our soil contamination investigation technical managers formulate investigation plans, conduct field investigations, perform analyses, and propose solutions that meet customer needs and requests.

Asbestos Investigation (Asbestos Analysis Registration Organization)

Certified by the Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement, our A-rank technicians conduct fast, accurate analyses to respond to customer needs.

Biological Treatment

  • Anaerobic process test

    Methane fermentation (product name: BIOIMPACT) using granule sludge and other substances

  • Aerobic process test

    Activated sludge, nitrification/denitrification, membrane-type activated sludge (MBR), and other materials

Physiochemical Treatment

  • Separation process test

    Single-sedimentation separation, coagulating sedimentation, floatation, centrifugal concentration, and other tests

  • Filtration process test

    Membrane filtration, sand filtration, press dehydration, vacuum dehydration, and other processes

  • Adsorption process test

    Activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange, and other processes

Basic Research

  • Community analysis
  • Velocity measurement
  • Fluid analysis
  • Other analyses


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Main analysis equipment

High-resolution GC-MS, high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) system, ion chromatograph system, gas chromatograph system, ICP spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer, particle counter, calorific value measuring equipment, furnace-type atomic absorption spectrometer, phase contrast microscope, scanning electron microscope

Measurement certification business registrations

Registration No. 127 Concentration measurement certification business
Registration No. 35 Vibration measurement certification business
Registration No. 59 Sound pressure level measurement certification business

Odor measurement certification business registration

Class 2 odor measurement certification business No. 256(02)

Working environment measurement business registration

Registration No. 14-83

Designated soil contamination investigation organization

Designation No. Kan2012-3-7

Asbestos analysis registration organization

Asbestos content (in asbestos-containing construction material) analysis organization

Member organizations

Kanagawa Prefecture Environmental Measurement Association, Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association, Japan Association on Odor Environment, Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement

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