Hybrid notch chain type sludge scraper

Sludge scraper with extended service life

The hybrid notch chain-type sludge scraper is a resin chain flight sludge collector designed to be set up in rectangular sedimentation tanks at sewage treatment facilities.

This product incorporates a hybrid resin notch chain with superb durability. Its high versatility also makes it an ideal alternative for conventional resin chains.

The scraper can use pin-type, sprocket-type, and sieve-type wheels. A combination of these wheels disperses the contact force applied by the chain, extending service life.

The reverse inching function facilitates maintenance easier, while the integrated flight prevents loss of scraping performance.

Features of the hybrid notch chain type sludge scraper

Combination of wheels disperses the force applied to contact points.

  • Versatility

    Adaptable to both conventional-type (sprocket-type) and notch-type products

  • Improved chain durability

    A combination of wheels of different types disperses abrasive forces and extends the service life of the chain.

  • Improved stability thanks to chain tooth-chipping prevention function


  • Lower maintenance/construction costs

    Longer chain life and phased introduction of the hybrid notch chain system through partial upgrading of the scraper reduces maintenance/construction costs.

Examples of applications

Service life extension work for chain flight sludge collectors in rectangular sedimentation tanks (primary and secondary) at sewage treatment plants