Tank-Mounted Agitator

Low-powered agitation of tank

The simple construction of the agitator features a large impeller in the form of tapered vanes (taper impeller) suspended from the drive unit above. The optimized vane shape and mounting position ensures the agitator stirs the tank content uniformly and consumes less power.

Features of the taper impeller type agitator for anaerobic/anoxic tank

  • Energy saving

    To achieve energy savings, the slowly rotating large taper impeller achieves an agitation power density of 1 W/m3. It requires less power to operate to help CO2 reduction.

  • Minimum maintenance

    Since the drive unit is above water, the system does not require maintenance under water.
    This cuts repair costs by 50% or more compared to submerged agitators.

  • Long life

    Combined with the abrasion suppressing effects of the slow rotating speed, the corrosion-resistant stainless-steel maximizes equipment service life.

Example of applications

Used as agitation equipment for anaerobic/anoxic tanks in new construction, renovations, upgrades, and work to extend service life.