RESAND FILTER moving bed-type filtration equipment

Effective use of sand filtration layer eliminates need for backwash equipment

RESAND FILTER is a sand filtration system designed to remove suspended solids (SS) from activated sludge treated water (secondary processed water) at sewage treatment facilities. The filtered water can be reused in the facility or discharged as tertiary treated water into rivers or the sea.

This product provides clean, filtered water by capturing SS while raw water rises through the filtration sand layer. At the same time, it uses an air lift pump system to clean the SS-trapping filtration sand, eliminating the need for backwash equipment.

Operating Principles

  1. Secondary treated water enters from the inlet pipe and evenly flows up through the filtration sand layer.
  2. SS in the secondary treated water is captured by the filtration sand layer. Clean filtered water is discharged from the upper section as processed water.
  3. Sand is cleaned by aeration and agitation inside the air lift pump, separating SS from the sand.
  4. Sand falls and returns to the filtration sand layer after reaching the filtration sand separation chamber located at the upper part of the air lift pipe.
  5. Washing wastewater containing turbidity is discharged from the reverse washing water outlet pipe.

Features of the RESAND FILTER moving bed upflow continuous sand filtration equipment

  • Filtering and washing are done continuously and concurrently.
  • Low pressure-loss filtration achieves high filtering rates.
  • The simple structure of the equipment allows easy maintenance.

Examples of Application

  • Secondary treated water at sewage treatment facilities
  • Advanced treatment at leachate treatment facilities
  • Recycling of wastewater generated at steelworks
  • Treatment of wastewater discharged from the papermaking process
  • Purification of cooling water