SUMIRATOR UD SYSTEM vertical shaft-type aeration equipment with lifting device

Vertical shaft-type aeration equipment for oxidation ditch

The SUMIRATOR UD SYSTEM is a vertical shaft-type aeration equipment for oxidation ditch, which was developed by adding an impeller (agitation vanes) lifting function to the standard SUMIRATOR model. It inherits the features and functions of the standard SUMIRATOR, and requires less power for anoxic agitation and allows easier low-load operation.


  • High aeration and agitation performance

    The system performs aeration and agitation efficiently in an oxidation ditch using the circulation, pumping, aeration/agitation, and spiral flow functions. Since the impeller maintains its agitation performance when it descends, the amount of oxygen supply can be reduced.

  • Easy maintenance

    Because the structure is simple and the drive unit is located on the slab, the operating condition can be grasped by simply looking at the equipment and listening to the sound produced by the equipment. It’s also easy to add oil and grease for lubrication.

  • Excellent operational flexibility

    The impeller lifting device makes it easy to conduct initial low-load operation and improves the adaptability to a nitrogen removal process.

Aerobic operation
Adjustment of aeration amount at desired speed

Anoxic operation
Anoxic agitation at steady speed

Examples of Application

Vertical shaft-type aeration equipment for oxidation ditches (OD) at small-scale sewage treatment plants and rural community sewage treatment facilities