SUMIRATOR II vertical shaft-type aeration equipment (applicable for straight waterway section of oxidation ditch)

In response to the requests of customers wishing to use maintenance-free aeration equipment at a straight waterway section of an oxidation ditch, we have developed this new vertical shaft-type aeration/agitation equipment, SUMIRATOR II, by combining the standard SUMIRATOR model with specially shaped baffle plates.

Features of the SUMIRATOR II

  • Installation flexibility

    Because the equipment can be installed anywhere in an oxidation ditch, it is suitable for upgrade from a horizontal/bent shaft-type unit.

  • Adaptability to various operating methods

    The equipment operates flexibly to suit a variety of water treatment methods such as nitrification denitrification treatment and for bulking prevention.

  • Minimal maintenance

    Since the maintenance points are gathered on the slab, the maintenance workload and expenses can be reduced.

Examples of Application

Vertical shaft-type aeration equipment for renovation from horizontal shaft-type aeration equipment