Steel-tank Sewage Treatment Unit

Rapid installation without civil engineering work

The steel-tank sewage treatment unit is a new-type system, which is comprised of the SUMIRATOR vertical shaft-type mechanical aeration/agitation equipment and a steel tank. It can be installed quickly since civil engineering work is not necessary. In addition, because the system has a small number of parts, it reduces the maintenance workload. During the restoration of areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the steel-tank sewage treatment unit was used as a temporary wastewater treatment facility because of the excellent features mentioned above.

Features of Steel-tank Sewage Treatment Unit

  • Easy installation

    The equipment can be installed in a short period of time because no civil engineering work is required.

  • Stable sewage treatment performance

    The SUMIRATOR, which enables the adjustment of oxygen supply volume, concurrently performs aeration and agitation near the surface to ensure stable processing even if the inflow load fluctuates.

  • Easy maintenance

    The simple system with a small number of parts reduces the maintenance workload.

  • Environmental-friendliness

    Because the system does not require any blower, it does not generate noise or vibration problems. It’s an environmentally friendly system.

Examples of Application

Sewage treatment system during post-disaster restoration

Temporary sewage treatment system during the construction of the main facility