MICRAS Membrane Diffuser System

Efficient supply of oxygen reduces electric consumption

The MICRAS system supplies the oxygen needed to purify wastewater flowing into a sewage treatment plant that uses microorganisms.
Oxygen supply requirements account for some 30% or more of the electric power used by sewage treatment plants. MICRAS supplies oxygen efficiently by creating smaller microbubbles than conventional diffusers and reduces the electric power consumed by blowers.
Additionally, MICRAS offers both high oxygen supply performance and reliable agitation performance, as well as durability, ease of maintenance, low-cost installation, and high design flexibility.

Features of the MICRAS membrane diffuser system

  • Satisfy both high oxygen supply performance and reliable agitation performance

    With the optimal configuration of components, MICRAS provides both high oxygen supply performance using microbubbles and reliable agitation performance.

  • Superior durability

    The membrane is cylindrical to uniformly distribute microbubbles through the side surface. It’s made of a special silicone membrane that’s highly resistant to heat and chemicals. The high durability of this membrane has been confirmed in use over extended periods, so it has high reliability.

  • Ease of maintenance

    To renew the diffuser, simply replace the membrane (diffuser membrane) while continuing to use the diffuser body. This equipment design cuts repair costs and extends service life.

  • Economical installation

    MICRAS is very light. Their CLIPIN connectors permit rapid installation on stainless steel and plastic laterals.

  • High design flexibility

    The compact unit measures 66 mm in diameter and 2,200 mm maximum in length for maximum flexibility in layout choices.

Examples of applications

MICRAS diffuser system can be used in new construction, renovations, upgrades, or service life extension work.

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